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Congressman Davis Won't Guarantee Another Government Shutdown Won't Happen

Congressman Rodney Davis says he's glad to see the Government shutdown end, but says he can't be sure it won't happen again.

Congressman Davis feels it is unfortunate that it will take legislation to bring lawmakers together to work out a deal to fund the government. He feels his vote to partially fund government remained consistent with his other votes throughout his time in Congress.

The Congressman says the deadline reached late last week showed him they have to fight harder to avoid artificial deadlines. He criticizes the Obama Administration for not handling things as they should be, and instead kicking issues down the road.

Many have criticized Davis for his stance and the way he's voted on ObamaCare. Some have said he is not handling things well. Davis feels ObamaCare is train wreck and with the shutdown being resolved, the American people will begin to see the things wrong with it.

The Government has been temporarily funded until January. Davis hopeful a long term solution can be reached so another shutdown does not happen. When asked whether he could indicate how we would vote then, Davis could not say because he had not seen the legislation. He says he wants to see how things play out over the next month and a half.

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