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Chapin Rose Continues To Work For Better Oversight of Area Landfills

A local lawmaker continues to make a push for better oversight at the Clinton Landfill and other around the state.

Senator Chapin Rose continues to bring bills forward in the Illinois Senate, however, nothing has passed yet. Sen. Rose has had made progress in getting some bills passed recently. He says the General Assembly had a measure fail, as did he, however, his measure failed but was on the condition they continue working until they could come to an agreement all parties could live with.

While Rose has made some progress on the bill, he cautions interested parties because of the House. Rose says until they see movement from the General Assembly, passing his bill is going to be a challenge.

Over the summer, Rose hosted a summit for the EPA to answer questions and statements from the public. During that meeting, EPA officials revealed they did not do any testing on landfills of any kind. Rose hopes to expand the EPA budget to allow them to do testing on landfills.

When it comes to find solutions to the problem, is everyone who has a polluted area, plans to put it in Clinton. Rose explains moving the site where PCBs will be dumped is opposed by everyone.

Rose is hopeful a new face in the Director's position for the Illinois EPA will provide them a new perspective. He says she is not as familiar with the situation as past people, and Rose hopes to open a new front on oversight of landfills.

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